About us

Shuke Law firm is a multi-disciplinary boutique law firm founded on July 2009 by founding and managing Partner Adv. Enyal Shuke, an experienced Albanian Attorney (22 years’ post-qualification experience). Adv. Enyal Shuke, in the years prior founding Shuke Law (1998 - June 2009) has acquired significant international experience and has been working as head of Albanian office of reputable foreign and international law firms (such as Brosio, Casati e Assocciati, Allen & Overy and Wolf Theiss). During these years she has proven her professionalism and integrity, by earning her clients full trust and loyalty and therefore ensuring a solid base for the start of her own law firm, Shuke Law.

The areas of activity of Shuke Law include but are not limited to: Commercial and Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Contract Law, Commercial Dispute Resolution and ADR, Administrative Law, Concessions, Real Estate, Energy, Employment, Project Finance.

You can rely on Shuke Law firm to be particularly adept at providing you and your business with local insights and support in managing any international legal aspects of your business. The Partner, Enyal Shuke, is awarded by Chambers &Partners Europe in 2009, as Band 1 Leading Lawyer, in the Corporate/Commercial & Dispute Resolution practice areas. She is particularly in tune to the needs of the clients and has provided extensive legal counsel with a wide range of international business endeavors. Her experience and guidance can help the business establish itself and grow in today’s highly competitive environment. Chambers & Partners Europe (2009) quotes a client who reported that they: “feel totally confident in her, as she is an incredibly perceptive and accomplished lawyer”.

Our attorneys look forward to the opportunity to discuss beneficial solutions to your legal needs.

Our core values



We strive to excel and continuously expand our expertise that we provide to our clients and at the same time, we take care of our clients’ needs with great consideration/consistency and in a way that they can always rely on our professional support. We place enormous value on delivering what we commit to, on quality and on time.


Client Oriented

We invest on understanding our clients’ business expectations and goals in order to provide them with suitable and sustainable legal solutions for their needs. Our continuous focus on clients’ goals, acting with integrity and to the highest professional standards make us the best adviser for long term.


Professional Integrity

We work with integrity in everything we do, and consistently apply our competence, knowledge and skills in an honest, professional, dependable, and ethical manner. We are loyal to our clients, produce the results we commit to and are trustworthy and reliable across all our activities.

Founder’s Expertize

Period: 1998 up to February 2004

Company: Allen & Overy
Position: Senior Associate, Head of Tirana Office
Description: Specialised in commercial and corporate work, banking, acquisitions, privatisation, equity financing, concessions. Advised inter alia:

  • International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) on their equity investments in the country (i.e. FEFAD Bank, Italian Albanian Bank etc);
  • IFC and EBRD in the privatisation and equity investment of National Commercial Bank of Albania and shareholding restructuring;
  • EBRD on its equity investment in the Coca-Cola Bottling Shqiperi Sh.p.k;
  • IFC on all Albanian legal aspects of the financing of the rehabilitation of the Patos Marinza oil field project;
  • A German concessionary company in connection with the first BOT concession for the rehabilitation of the drinking water supply and wastewater system (of Elbasan). The advice included all legal matters related with the permitting/authorisations, real estate/right of ways/servitudes aspects of the project, and the drafting and negotiation process the relevant concession agreement that was signed with Albanian Government.

Period: February 2004 up to June 2009

Company: Wolf Theiss
Position: Non-Equity Partner, Company Administrator
Description: Specialised in civil and corporate work, banking, acquisitions, public procurement equity financing, concessions, and real estate and energy projects. Advised, inter alia:

  • Trans Adriatic Pipeline Sponsors and Allen & Overy London, in relation to the project of construction of Trans Adriatic pipeline, on all legal matters related with the permiting/authorisations, real estate aspects of the project, including the active participation in the drafting process the relevant agreement to be entered with Albanian Government;
  • Citibank, in relation to a legal assessment and questionnaire on Cross-border financial activities;
  • Development Finance Equity Partners AG, in relation to the conduction of a due diligence of Credins Bank Sh.A for the purpose of its equity investment and supervising on the compliance of the respective legal acts with the Albanian applicable legislation;
  • Albanian Government and Deloitte & Touche on l legal aspects related to the organisation of the international open tender and selection of the concessionary of the Tirana International Airport, including, structuring, of the tender rules and negotiating the drafting Concession Agreement;
  • DCM DECO metal GmbH in the acquisition of the Albanian companies which holds 2 concession agreements in Albania and regarding operation of these 2 concessions on the mining industry. Assisting also in the negotiation with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy of the concession agreements amendment, and legal advice regarding corporate low, regulatory law, employment law and general
    tax law.
  • UNIQA International Versicherungs-Holding GmbH regarding acquisition of shares in SIGAL Albania, Kosovo and Makedonia (one of the major insurance companies in Albania), by leading the team on the conduction of due diligence and advice process on the corporate, real property aspects, and regulatory/merger control issues;
  • Samsung C & T Corporation on the relevant laws and regulatory framework related to hydro activity in Albania, concession rules, government approval of concession transfer procedure, energy sales. Performance of a due diligence process in relation to all the Albanian subsidiaries/ companies involved in a share purchase transaction;
  • Porsche Austria Gesellschaft G.m.b.H. & Co and assisting on the establishment of its subsidiary in Albania, and on the due diligence and drafting of the relevant legal acts in relation to the purchase of the show room and other issues re to construction permits, ownership rights etc;
  • Kuhne and Nagel Investment AG (Austria) in re to its majority shareholding in Transalbania Sh.p.k., on various fields of expertise like corporate, real estate, preparation of privatisation of state shareholding.;
  • Kosovo entitled governmental agencies, in relation to the restructuring and transformation of the Prishtina Airport from state owned enterprise into commercial company and optimisation of the company structure for the purpose of financing;
  • Soravia Group Ag, in re Due Diligence regarding the real property title;
  • Tirana Explorations Inc., in re re to the dd and issueance of title opinion on their real and mining rights in Albania;
  • CEZ in relation to the privatisation and acquisition of state-owned company OSSH Sh.a, the distributor of electric energy in the Republic of Albania, project which included the full aspects of dd diligence process (i.e. corporate/real estate/regulatory/financing/employment);
  • Uji i Ftohtë Tepelena Sh.p.k. on general legal matters, as well as by court representation in tax law related legal disputes;
  • General Electric Healthcare and representation in administrative challenges and court proceedings regarding the invalidity of a public procurement tender procedure.

Our clients’ thoughts

Feel totally confident in her, as she is an incredibly perceptive and accomplished lawyer.

— Chambers & Partners Europe (2009)